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Bild eines mäandernden Flusses - das Vorbild der Natur, an der sich der Tangential Separator orientiert.
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Tangential Separator

Easy and safe to use for extreme particle loads

Looking for a rugged solid/liquid separation system for your energy-efficient production?

You're in the right place.

Bild vom Kronenwehr des  Tangential-Separators im Einsatz in der galvanischen Industrie.
Dreidimensionale technische Zeichung des Tangential Separators
Bild aus dem Galvanikbetrieb, in dem der Tangential-Separator im Einsatz ist.
Einfache zweidimensionale technische Zeichung des Tangential Separators
Bild der ersten drei Tangential-Separatoren im Einsatz in der galvanischen Industrie.
Bild der Pumpen und der Verrohrung der ersten drei Tangential-Separatoren, die in der galvanischen Industrie im Einsatz sind.


The tangential separator is a reliable replacement for lamella/inclined clarifiers or coarse sand/bulk filters.

It can be installed easily and anywhere. All you need is a little space and a flat surface* 

(if necessary, you can do without!).

The TS handles fluctuating/changing inlet conditions with ease, regardless of flow rate or dirt load.

It is also highly reliable in the toughest applications. The TS is (virtually) maintenance free.

Easy and safe to use 


The Tangential Separator (TS) is suitable for separating suspended solids from industrial process and waste water streams.

The TS reliably separates suspensions with a solids density from 1.5 kg/l and a particle size >20 μm.

Different sizes are available depending on the required flow rate. And if the job is really big, several TS can be combined.


Experience shows that the TS works better or cheaper than other separators - or both - both in terms of purchase and operation.

Possible applications in the treatment of

  • Waste water from electroplating
  • Flue gas scrubbing 
  • Mining
  • Produced water (oil + gas)
  • Tunnelling water
  • Rolling mill cooling water
  • Rainwater overflow
  • Firefighting water...
Bild eines Tangential Separators, der zum Ausprobieren an Kunden vermietet wird.


  • Robust, safe technology
  • Variable application
  • Efficient separation performance through
  • Rotation
  • Deflection and
  • Deceleration of the suspension
  • Easy to operate
  • Quick adjustment to changing feed conditions
  • Quantity and
  • Quality
  • Blockage resistant
  • Space saving
  • Less expensive than lamella separators (investment + operation)
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Easy to clean if required
  • Ideal for adding and expanding with complementary technology
  • Dosing
  • Mixing
  • Coagulating
  • Filtering...
  • Optimal pre-thickening before chamber filter press
  • Scalable


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